Hoonam professional team by your side

If you are planning to implement data transmission or teleprotection projects in different telecommunication platforms, use the experienced and agile Hoonam team to consult on project engineering design, supply of quality equipment, project implementation and commissioning, maintenance of existing equipment and training. Use manpower. Hoonam Business and Technical Teams are your accountants and guides.

Consulting and training

Hoonam shares years of experience in dispatching and telecommunications projects in the electricity, oil and gas industries.


Design and engineering in the fields of telecommunications, telemetry, SCADA, industrial automation and computer networks

Supply of Equipment

Hoonam has access to reliable sources for telecommunications equipment for the electricity and energy industries

Implement projects

Take care of your project and use Hunam-motivated youth to implement it 

Our Businesses

In recent years, HOONAM accomplished successful projects in specific areas including Repair and Maintenance services, Power Line Carrier (PLC) & TeleProtection, Telemetry & Remote SCADA Systems, Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Optical Fiber, Access Systems and so on.

We are also a international High-tech Enterprise integrating with R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service, so as to provide complete business support to our worldwide partners and customers.

we sought to fulfill the new requirements of various industries and also provide technical-engineering services in telecommunication, electric power industry, oil & gas and petrochemical scopes.

Through independent R&D and innovation, Hoonam Telecom has developed self-owed software and launched products with three main product lines, including:

  • Multiplexers
  • ARIXET FSK Modems
  • SCADA Softwares
  • E1 Interface card for SELTA TPS
  • Teleprotection systems